Early stages, infinite possibilities. 

Potentially the most powerful storytelling tool in history, virtual reality technologies will change the very nature of narrative and entertainment, and we are still in its very early stages.
The possibilities are as yet unexplored and we intend to push the boundaries with each project we create.
For this reason, the company is divided into a Lab and Studio that work symbiotically — the Lab researches and tests new forms of storytelling to complement the projects that the Studio formulates and develops. 

Diving into new methodologies to create singular immersive worlds and storytelling franchises. 

World Building

World building lies at the core of our virtual reality projects. Immersive storytelling demands seamless transportation to new spaces and the ability to explore them freely. Therefore, our narrative projects go through extensive world building and design thinking processes to fully realize these real - or unreal - worlds even before the story is created. 



Art exists because life is not enough. The created world is the starting point for immersion to happen, but without a focus on user experience, the content won’t be more than a tech demo. We go beyond the exploration of an environment or a technology. We create significant and memorable stories that come to life through experience. 

Each product is unique and explores different immersive platforms and integrates new technologies. 

We deliver customized immersive experiences for major brands, as well as consumer- oriented experiences that use our own original intellectual property. 


The B2B interactive brand experiences are location-based VR activations that bring the consumer into amazing multi-sensory brand worlds. 



The original B2C products are games and narratives that will be sold through global digital distribution platforms. 



An initiative for structured experimentation to create seeds that will be developed into interfaces, mechanics and languages. 


Creating custom prototypes using design thinking, hardware, software and data to explore and research with multifaceted goals. 


Registering explorations and insights, ensuring everyone inside the company has access to knowledge, thus creating legacy. 


Expanding relations with strategic institutions and research partners, besides creating awareness and value for marketing.