Ricardo Justus 



Ricardo Justus is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of ARVORE. He is a gamer, storyteller, director, technology futurist, VR evangelist and content creator, with over twelve years of experience leading production and creative teams for major digital entertainment and television properties. At the start of this new wave of VR, Ricardo began a deep investigation and study of the methods and craft of immersive narrative as a storytelling medium, becoming a key figure in spreading and evangelizing Brazilian creatives on the power of this new medium.


 Rodrigo Terra 


Rodrigo Terra is a specialist in transmedia storytelling. Director, creator, producer and researcher, his background includes Radio and TV, Administration and Entrepreneurship. He is a consultant in the Sebrae/APRO Objetiva Audiovisual program, president of Associação EraTransmídia, Audiovisual Content Production professor at PUC-PR and managing partner of the Fazenda Urbana producer. A tech addict, legomaniac, he is a professional devourer of movies and series, also the founding partner and Chief Operating Officer of ARVORE.



the team


 Edouard de Montmort 


Edouard de Montmort is a mathematician, strategic thinker and entrepreneur, with degrees from MIT and Harvard. Over 10 years of experience in high-profile investor liaisons in the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia in the areas of finance and technology. As Chief Strategy Officer of ARVORE, he is dedicated to leading all strategic fundraising efforts, in addition to directing global investor relations.


 Ricardo Laganaro 


Ricardo Laganaro is a specialist in mixing action, stop-motion, graphic and written computing in his films. He is responsible for various immersive projects, like the “The Lighthouse” musical, the 360º video most watched in the world in 2016. His “Step to the line” cinematic VR entered the official selection of the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival and received compliments from Mark Zuckerberg. At O2 Filmes, he was head of 3D and visual effects. He is a visiting lecturer at the Design and Experiences Immersive Laboratory of Universidade de Belas Artes de São Paulo. At ARVORE, he takes the seat of Chief Storytelling Officer.



 Ana Ribeiro 

Game Developer

Ana Ribeiro is a pioneering Brazilian virtual reality Game Developer. Born and raised in northeastern Brazil, she has gained local and worldwide recognition for her creativity and exploration of VR Games, earning her multiple awards and even carrying the 2016 Olympic torch with a VR headset on her head. She has a Masters in Game Design at NFTS UK, Degrees in Games Programming & Psychology. She also ran a successful Pie Business before starting her studies.


 Carlo “zED” Caputo 


Carlo "zED" Caputo is a system architect, ethical hacker, master improviser, tech artist. He worked at the and RecordTV portals as a programmer, database creation to audio and video processing. In his free time, he developed various (pseudo) games. His interests include semantic web, Physics in 3D games and highly interactive, immersive and multiuser multimedia systems. He is Chief Technology Officer at ARVORE.


 Andrei Speridião 

R&D Director

Andrei Speridião is a designer graduated at FAU USP. For more than 12 years he’s been developing projects that flourish in the intersection between technology and design. Throughout his career he’s been exploring with computer graphics, realtime interactive media, VR, IoT and physical-digital environments. Besides projects he has also experience working with product development, setting and leading interdisciplinary teams, giving public talks, and lecturing. As the Research & Development Director at ARVORE, his LAB investigates new interfaces, mechanics and languages that will be further developed by the Studio, enhancing the user experience and immersion.


 Daniela Herscovici 

Head Of Client Relations

Daniela Herscovici Junqueira has been interested in arts since childhood. At the age of 15 began her art-oriented studies for the IGCSE’s and IB’s, earning her Graduate Degree in Architecture and Urbanism. Having worked in renowned architecture firms, at Haron Cohen she became Senior Architect, taking part in many Residential Projects, Conception, Design and construction of many Exhibitions. In 2015, whilst living in London she attended courses at the Chelsea College of Arts, Central Saint Martins, KLC School of Design and London College of Fashion. Her passion for arts and science lead to her discovery of multiple realities and innovative projects, to which she is currently dedicated. At ARVORE, she is the Head Of Client Relations.


 Mônica Ravaioli 

Executive Producer

Mônica Ravaioli went from Law to Cinema. In the entertainment area, she worked in post-productions in cinema and TV and also in long, medium and short feature documentaries. Before dedicating to the digital area, she worked with business affairs at Medialand. She is currently the Executive Producer at ARVORE.


 Julia Lemos 

Lead 3D Artist

After earning a degree in Marketing and Advertising, Julia Lemos chose to follow a career in 3D project development and video finalization. In the past 12 years , she accrued experience in animation, visual effects, composition and motion graphics, due to her work experience in renowned production houses, such as, Trattoria, Oca Filmes, CasaBlanca, Filme de Papel as a lighting and render specialist. She was hired as CG supervisor at Vetor Zero and now is the Lead 3D Artist at ARVORE.


 Rodrigo Blanco 

Concept Artist

Rodrigo Blanco has a degree in business but decided to follow his vocation and became an illustrator. In the last six years he has specialized in illustrating and storyboarding for advertising campaigns and television. At ARVORE he joins the team as a Concept Artist.


 Ivan Garcia 


Ivan Garcia is a Analog Games Developer and Drawing Artist. For the past 14 years, he has been passionate about character and costume design, and in the last 4 years has redirected to digital games, using mainly Unity, which resulted in his addiction to Game Jams, Hackatons and the welcoming Indie gaming community introduced by those meetups.


 Fábio Doná 

Technical Artist

Fabio Doná has over 15 years of experience in 3D, with focus on character modeling and graphics programming. He stands out for joining VR with traditional arts. With passage through O2 Filmes and Axis School of Visual Effects he’s also a professor for modeling and visual effects courses in 3D schools. He is ARVORE’S Technical Artist.


 Galdino Sa

Lead Concept Artist

After dropping out of college, Galdino graduated from Digital Movie course at Melies. He worked as Art Director and Texture Artist in renowned production houses such as Vagalume and Digital21. He then moved on to the Advertising world, working as an Ilustrator at Young & Rubicam, Neogama BBH and Cubo CC. Later, he ran his own studio doing jobs for other major Advertising, agencies as well as international production houses such as Gizmo Animation Studio. He is now the Lead Concept Artist at ARVORE giving a visual identity to all of the studios many projects.


 Pedro Câmara

Game Designer

Pedro Câmara graduated in Design from the University of São Paulo. Although he has been designing games ever since he could hold a pencil alone, he has been a professional Game Designer since 2012, working on all kinds of games ranging from board, computer, mobile and now VR Games as ARVORE’s Game Designer.