ARVORE is looking to hire a technically adept, creative individual to complement our team. You will have the opportunity to work on innovative immersive and narrative-driven XR experiences, iterating and prototyping with a high level of creative freedom and with the opportunity to guide the direction of some of these endeavours.
Our process emphasizes teamwork, agility and multidisciplinarity. We are looking for a passionate and self-motivated person with a positive attitude and a genuine team player, who likes to share knowledge and is open to learn from others. We embrace problem solvers, those who aren't afraid to experiment and fail and are ready to create something new.

Job Description
3D Artists at ARVORE are generalist artists who visually realizes the amazing worlds and characters that encompass our XR experiences. They are responsible for the creation of original visual assets, including modeling, animation and textures, using digital illustration and computer programs. They colaborate creatively and artistically with the team and constantly make recommendations for improvements.
During the initial stages of a project, the 3D Artist helps to conceptualize and execute ideas and processes while establishing the best plan of action for the project.
On the production phases of the project, the 3D Artist will create original content for 3D modeling, mapping, texturing, lighting techniques, and etc. and assure that the unique project vision is represented in the final product.
All assets created by the 3D artist must work in real time rendered game engines, taking in consideration the strict performance requirements of the XR medium.

Main Responsibilities
- Create 3D assets and artwork for our XR products, games and experiences
- Review 3D artwork and provide recommendations for improvements
- Ability to work across different artistic styles
- Work on several iterations of the production of 3D assets via prototyping and group critiques
- Assure the best visual translation of the concept art and references into original 3D assets for real-time rendering
- Ensure the art assets of a project fit the strict performance requirements proposed on each project

Must have
- Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to interact with team members of different disciplines
- Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with a high degree of independence and an innate intuition for task prioritization
- Willingness to observe, absorb and modify their own work based on many avenues of artistic criticism
- Constantly looking for self-improvement, learning new skills and delivering the highest quality output
- Always giving and receiving constructive and creative feedback
- Fluency in English language
- A profound aptitude for art, creativity and an eye for detail
- Be skilled in using different and emerging computer software
- Be open to learning new methods and software
- Have experience with CGI production softwares like Autodesk Maya
- Troubleshoot problems on integration of outsourced assets into projects
- Develop and optimize low poly sculpts and textures for game 3D content
- Experience with Illustration tools like Substance Painter and Photoshop
- Strong modelling, UVing and texturing skills, knowledge of normal mapping

Nice to have
- Be familiar with Google G Suite, Trello, Slack and Github
- Previous knowledge or experience with VR and AR content is desireable
- A passion for Games, Movies, TV, Art, Animation, Electronics, RPGs, Theater and narrative experiences would be a great plus
- Experience in creating photorealistic 3D art for realtime rendered environments
- Experience with game engines like Unity or Unreal
- Experience with Z-Brush
- Be skilled with rigging tools
- Have a good timing and sensitivity for animation
- Scripting skills


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